WIP Wednesday

March 09, 2016

WIP Wednesday

Hello friends! I'm actually sharing works in progress this week and two that are very hard to photograph, so bear with the awful photos. You'll also see that my obsession with purple continues...

I shared the beginning of this project a few weeks ago here and I'm loving how it's coming together. There were a few confusing moments when I tried to out-think the pattern but I just followed what it said and things are working out perfectly. It's such an interesting construction that it's kept me very entertained. I'm nearing the end and can't wait to wear it. 

The next one I've been working on for some months now and I'm sure it'll be some months before I finish it. It's one of those that I pull out and add a little bit to at a time. It's also rather bonkers. 

No, it's not origami but it is a big, crazy kimono, sweater thing. What you see above is the back and the right side and right front spread out. The left side has already been joined at the should to the left and I've started the left sleeve. The pattern is called Penguono by the wonderfully crazy Stephen West. I'm using random worsted weight yarns as well as a bunch of fingering weight yarn held double throughout. The size is adjustable depending on what thickness of yarn you use. I had no plan whatever on where I wanted to put the colors, I just grab yarn out of the bag and add a section. It's so very fun and a great way to stash bust. There's some Madeline Tosh, Hedgehog Fibres, Lorna's Laces, 3 Irish Girls and even some of my own handspun and hand dyed in there. 

I think I'll call it "Kayanna's Technicolor Dreamcoat". That's it for today. I'll be back soon with a Tips and Techniques post!

Stitch On,