August 04, 2017


It's been so long since I've stepped into this space and I hope to change that. We're entering an intense period of change here at Stitch: 

I think it’s rather fitting that I’m writing this during butterfly season. Just like the monarch we’re going through a period of change. When Grandma Stitch and I opened the shop two years ago (whoa that went fast) we had no idea that my little side gig of dyeing yarn in our back room would grow to be such a huge part of our business. In the last sixth months the wholesale side of our business has grown exponentially with around 20 shops around the country now carrying Stitch Together yarn! I never dared dream that we would be in the place we are now. Alternatively, the retail side of the business definitely has had it’s fluctuations but hasn’t grown at the rate wholesale has. Thus, our metamorphosis.

Starting immediately we will begin a shift towards being a full time dye studio. We will only be open to the public on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday we will be open by appointment only. We will be drastically reducing our inventory so that we can make room for more dye equipment! However, we will still be your local source for amazing, hard to find indie yarns and accessories, just on a more limited basis. We will also still continue to have an open stitch night starting in September, as well as hosting trunk shows and other events. 

We know change is hard, it’s hard for us too. But it can also be a wonderful, beautiful thing. Please know that we didn’t make this decision lightly. I knew opening the shop that I wouldn't be working a normal "9-5" and that it would require many extra hours. I was never under the impression that this would be glamorous or easy. However, I've seen some of the symptoms of burnout in myself the last few months. I'm working upwards of 60 hours a week just to tread water. And yes, this job is amazing and I'm so privileged to do it but there's a limit to what a body can do and what a mind can handle. I've had to come to some hard realizations that I can't do it all, that I have to let go of some things. I have to let go to be a better business owner, to be able to better serve my customers and to be a better person, mother, friend, etc. 

So, here’s a list of important things you need to know:

- We will be closed August 6th-11th so that we can prepare for a MASSIVE sale. We’ll be reducing inventory as well as selling a bunch of furniture and display items so we can make space.

- We will re-open August 12th for that sale and will be open 10-5pm.

- The week of August 13th we start our new hours which will be:

  Wednesday: OPEN 12-6

  Saturday: OPEN 10-3

  Tuesday, Thursday, Friday are our new dye days and will be open by appointment only.

- Going forward we will have a VERY limited class schedule. If we owe you a credit for a class please contact us for a refund or shop credit.

- Starting September 6th our Open Stitch will be held every Wednesday from 6-8pm

- Every 2nd Saturday of the month we will host a Stitch ’n Brunch. Bring your projects and a brunch item to share! 10-12 pm. 

- Don’t worry, we still have some amazing new yarns, from new small indie businesses coming soon!! YOTH yarns arrive in September and we have another shipment from Woolen Boon coming this month! 

- We will now be able to have Stitch Together yarn more readily available to you, here in the shop.

- Gift cards are still good! You just have to spend them on the online shop, or on Wednesdays or Saturdays.

- You can still shop our website 24/7 and arrange for free pickup!

- Our location is not changing for now, we plan to be here at least two more years! 

I’m sure there will be questions so please do not hesitate to reach me at I’ve always tried to be honest and transparent with our customers and will continue to do so!