WIP Wednesday

February 10, 2016

WIP Wednesday

Hello my stitch-y friends! Welcome to another installment of WIP Wednesday. The amount of projects on my needles is seriously reaching ridiculous proportions. Pinterest and Ravelry are zero help, I think I need an intervention. Here are the three projects I pulled out of ONE project bag this afternoon: 

First are some Grey Eyed mittens I'm knitting with Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock. This is my first time working with this yarn and SWOOON. It has beautiful stitch definition and is perfect for stranded work. And their semi-solid colors lend such a gorgeous subtle depth. I don't typically make things in the exact colors as the pattern but for this one I just couldn't resist. I MAY finish these before it gets warm but they may hang out until next Winter at the rate I'm adding projects, ha!

I finally started a Clincher Cowl for myself using Hedgehog Sock in their Medusa color. Can we just talk about how amazing their colors are!? The saturation of their colors amaze me and are just so fabulous. The yarn makes this simple knit just stunning. And it is the perfect knit for watching TV, not much thinking needed. 

And last but not least, I started a Love Potion No. 7 for a shop sample / kit using Dragonfly Fibers Pixie. The construction of this shawlette is just COOL. It started at the center back and sections are picked up from there. All of the m1 Designs Love Potion shawls are equally interesting. I can see myself doing several. This would be equally amazing in Madeline Tosh light. We have a bunch of that coming in in the next few weeks and I'll put some kits together.

Also I asked Grandma Stitch to share a picture of what she's working on and here's what she sent me: 

This is the Taimana Cowl by Aroha Knits knit with Hikoo Sueno. I think this is probably her favorite yarn at the moment besides Hikoo Simplicity and it's working up just beautifully. This is her first color work project and in true Grandma Stitch fashion it's going to be perfect. 

Now let's see if I can get some of these projects done before next week! 

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